Friday, July 12, 2013

Keith Moss 'What Eludes You, Moves You' album review

‘Slaughter by water or main road, decipher my code, this is the Zodiac, piling bodies in a stack’.

This is one of the first few lines on ‘Torture in Paradise’, the lead single and opening track on Keith Moss’ brand new album ‘What Eludes You, Moves You’ which is due for release on Fri 26th July through Reekus Records.

The song itself it seems is about the American serial killer know as the Zodiac from 1960’s. These are the type of dark, gloomy lyrics that flow throughout the whole album. It’s a tough listen at times but this is made up for by the excellent musicianship by Moss who plays pretty much every instrument on the album. He was helped out on keyboards and production by Marc Aubele who's one half of electro indie pop duo Nanu Nanu.

 There are plenty of influences to be heard on ‘What Eludes You, Moves You’ from the Doors ‘People Are Strange’ acoustic sound of ‘Fat Men Have To Eat’ and the Cure like intro to ‘The War Outside the Door’. One of the immediately stand out track is the brilliantly titled ‘The Girl with the Wand at the End of the Pier’. This contains the line from which the album bears its name – ‘out of time, out of view, what eludes you, moves you, locked inside my childhood, an echo laden lane where we stood’.

Incidentally these are the kind of straight talking, John Grant style, no holds barred lyrics that flow throughout this whole album. Mr Grant certainly has a lot to answer for on album closer ‘Sing to be Saved’ too. This contains a lot more electronic blips and bleeps like on his latest album 'Pale Green Ghosts'.

It's a pity that there aren't some more flicks of electronica thrown into other songs on the album. This aside, all these influences and the straight up, no nonsense lyrics mix so well with the excellent guitar and bass sound. It really makes for a brilliant album and definitely one of the best Irish releases of 2013 so far. I just can't get enough of it at the moment.
Keith Moss and his band The Tightrope Walkers are launching the album with a gig in Whelan’s on Friday 26th July. Support from the aforementioned Nanu Nanu.


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